‘Volunteering has helped me feel part of the community’

‘I wanted to do volunteering as I have worked with elderly people as a speech and language therapist and as I had some time I wanted to spend time just chatting as I can’t do that in my job!  I have also done a counselling course recently and I think it’s a shame that so many people are isolated nowadays and thought I could use skills I gained on my course to be a good listener.  I also thought it would be nice for me to meet an older person where I live as I have no family in the area and it has helped me feel part of the community more.

I have gained a lot from talking to Olive.  She gives me a different perspective on life in that she is looking back over the years and is so proud of how her children have turned out.  It has made me appreciate my own family and my children more.  I find it interesting to talk to her as she has dementia and I find myself often checking back with her that I have understood what she means as sometimes her meaning is not totally clear – I enjoy doing this as I like a bit of problem-solving!  She has made me appreciate the little things in life, like being able to get out and about as she can’t do this anymore.  It has also put things in perspective more for me – I can see myself in the future sometimes when I talk to her and it makes me want to make the most of what life offers.

She is good company for me too and I enjoy her sense of humour – she is always telling me to keep out of trouble!

I quite enjoy seeing her in the day room at the home because I know some of the other elderly residents there are listening to our conversation and I hope they gain something from it too.  It has given me the opportunity to chat briefly to a couple of them whilst I am there and to chat to members of staff a little too.’

A lovely account from Tamsyn, a volunteer befriender. If you want to find out more about becoming a befriender, or know a lonely older person who may need a friend, please contact us on or by calling 0161 942 9465

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Friendships really can change lives!

Dorothy F testimonial photo

Our volunteers really are invaluable! We want to say a huge thank you to you all for your dedication and for the impact you have in your local community! Please have a look at this touching account from Dorothy, on how she feels her life has been enhanced by her befriender.

If you want to get involved or know an older person who would benefit from a befriender, please get in touch on 0161 942 9465 or by emailing

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Our fundraising heroes!

Darren, Gaige, Harley and Mark, employees at The Human Support Group, completed the Manchester 10k on Sunday 22nd May 2016. The team have varied experience of running and all saw the 10k as a big challenge, however they all managed to complete the race in under an hour! The team chose to donate their sponsorship money to Cyril Flint Volunteers and this came to a huge £1062! We are very grateful for the team’s support and this money will go towards helping reduce loneliness in older people in the community.

Zoe, also an employee of The Human Support Group, competed in the Ladies National Angling Championships 2016 and managed to rank at an impressive 10th place, (higher than some of the pros who were competing!) and raised a huge £435 for Cyril Flint Volunteers Charity!

Cyril Flint is a registered charity and so not only do we rely on volunteers and all the hard work they do, but we also require funding to keep delivering the service we offer. We believe that no older person should be lonely. Most people have been affected by loneliness in one way or another during their life, most of us are lucky that this may only be a fleeting feeling. Unfortunately lots of the older people who are referred to us have little or no interaction with others and as such feel lonely most of the time. You can appreciate the huge impact this can have, not only on a person’s mood, but also on their health, well-being and self-esteem. We aim to help reduce the amount of lonely older people in the local community by matching them with a volunteer befriender who can spend an hour a week with them, hopefully on a long term basis, enabling them to form a genuine and long-lasting friendship which really makes a difference to the older person’s life.

If you or your company would like to raise money to help support Cyril Flint Volunteers, please get in touch by email, Facebook Cyrilflintvolunteers, or by calling 0161 942 9465.


Solicitors turn footballers for charity!

The staff at the Manchester branch of Mills and Reeve LLP have been fundraising throughout the year collecting donations via  a football tournament, bake sales and other events to raise money for charity. The law firm selected Cyril Flint Volunteers as their joint office Charity of the year 2015 – 2016 after a recommendation from one of their employees, Elaine, who has been a volunteer with Cyril Flint for several years. We are pleased to say that the firm managed to raise a sizeable £811 for Cyril Flint Volunteers and this will help us to continue to help lonely older people in the Manchester area.

The Partners of Manchester Mills and Reeve LLP have also selected Cyril Flint Volunteers as one of the local charities they wish to support and have donated a further £1975 from their Charitable Trust!

The team at Cyril Flint would like to pass on a HUGE thank you to all who helped to raise money and all of those who donated!